In the beginning of 2013 the workers of the world graz wrote in their leaflet „The global proletariat is fighting!“ adressing the refugee protest movement:

»Put capitalism over the edge!« We will need such demands which will bring workers, unemployed,
refugees, and so on, together.

since today the fpd with its modest possibilities tries to circulate a leaflet1, which prints the cited leaflet on the backside.
the front side reads as follows:


printed on the backside is a leaflet, which has been distributed by an austria-based group of workers in the beginning of 2013.
The circumstances in which the text was written appear different today:

2012/2013 there was a big movement of asylum-seekers, which evolved after a man, Mohammad Rahsepar, who fled the facist theocratic regime of iran comitted suicide in an asylum-seekers camp in the german town of Würzburg.
This movement included a four week during march from Würzburg to Berlin demanding freedom of movement, the end of being forced to live in camps and an end of deportations.
Also there was a now dissolving optimistic mood following the „arab spring“.

Today we face an ever worsening barbarity with endless wars, rising reactionary rackets, the proved impossibility of substantial left reformism in this time and once more the hatred-run „uprising“ of many german „citizens“, who unfortunately make no attempt to hold on for a minute and come to mind.

But there is also a mole digging and emerging worldwide, the class of people, who have nothing but as the case may be their descendants: the proletariat.
And this is the strongest point, the text below makes: We may live in very different situations, concerning the brutality with which the exploitation of man by man is done, the volume of products we can buy, the danger of life and limb we face and so on.
But the prevailing capitalist mode of production has constitued the worldwide proletarian class as a class which through its work is the base of the continuning existence of this mode of production but therefore has also the potential power of overcoming it.
And being human beings and constituents of this class is what we have in common, may we be or have been good-paid or low-paid workers, doing non-paid housework or belonging (ever or from time to time) to the surplus proletariat, which for example lives in the non-formal economies of the slums in the „developping nations“ or constitutes the „drinking class“ in german inner-cities.

you can read the whole leaflet by clicking here.

while the pending question of how to get to a situation where people living in proletarian form of existence get rid of their conciousness as for example a citizen, a worker-of-their-factory or facist views isn‘t answered in fpd’s text, the coming together of prols willing to discuss these questions seems to be a necessary condition.

  1. feel free to print and distribute it if you like to or if you like to write something similar feel free to re-use some sentences you agree with. [zurück]

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